News, Innovations and Tutorials

All those who have purchased products from Cognition and Communication Devices for Everyone might encounter difficulties using the devices. Besides providing the latest news and innovations in the field, this page will offer several tutorials for some of the most common devices, which will allow aldownload-18l customers to learn the proper functioning and even perform firmware updates for the devices that support this feature.

The team at Cognition and Communication Devices for Everyone is constantly working to upgrade, update and improve all the devices in the product range, in order to offer all customers only the latest in technological advancements. The staff is well known for their multiple innovations and the fact that they are constantly pushing the boundaries of cognitive assist and control techniques in the search for the best devices that can help those in need for such technologies.

People who wish to find guidance regarding the use of the different devices can have a look on this page, as they will be able to find video and image tutorials for a large number of devices, such as the ones used for environmental control or cognitive assistance. Each different tutorial has its main steps offered in the beginning, much like a summary, in order to allow those who seek solutions for particular issues, skip the unnecessary steps that might take considerable time.

Arriving at a solution for most functioning problems is the key purpose of the content of this page and those who need to perform firmware updates for their devices can access the different packages which correspond to their devices’ serial numbers and characteristics. Downloading non-matching firmware updates isn’t a reason for worrying, since all the packages are created with compatibility in mind, therefore trying to use a firmware update which is incompatible with the target device will not be possible, and therefore no potential damage will be done.