Cognitive and Control Devices

The range of cognitive and control devices available at Cognition and Communication Devices for Everyone allows customers a great deal of flexibility in terms of potential applications of the different devices. On this page, people will get a chance to browse the devices that are best recommended for cogpioneer_hld-x9_front3nitive assist and control.

Since most cognitive related deficiencies involve the loss of associative or assertive abilities, the devices that are designed for such purposes will have their emphasis on these two factors. To this end, people who have cognitive difficulties will benefit from these devices that will help them better understand the surrounding world, by making associations. One good example of such devices is those who will allow people to visualize a selection of images that need to be associated to different actions, or characteristics. Simple touch screens will allow people to indicate the correct items by pointing at them with their fingers.

In the range of control devices, those who require help for controlling various items, such as appliances in their homes will be able to find more complex devices, which accommodate both the functionality of remote controls, as well as the comfort that makes them the ideal choice for those who are constrained by various factors.

They are also quite user friendly, thanks their large, legible buttons and scroll wheels which will facilitate the overall operation. For instance, in order to have control over the TV, radio or DVD player, a single console will be required, which will enable its users to easily toggle between the three items by using assigned functions on dedicated buttons. Once a preferred configuration has been selected for the predefined function buttons, those using the control devices will be able to enter a particular mode and apply adjustments such as volume or playback commands.