Service and Support for All Device Types

It is well known that even the simplest electronic devices can experience malfunctions during their lifetime, and encountering these difficulties is a natural learning process when using almost any device. However, all products in the photo-1434493789847-2f02dc6ca35doffering at Cognition and Communication Devices for Everyone are designed with the best quality materials available, in order to ensure that such malfunctions never occur.

Nevertheless, if users find themselves in such situations, they do not need to worry, as the specialized staff at Cognition and Communication Devices for Everyone will do everything in their power to offer advice, guidance and even on-site repairs for all commercialized products.

In the unlikely event that such situations occur, those who have purchased products from Cognition and Communication Devices for Everyone have two options at their disposal. They can either request assistance at distance, by either telephone or video call conferences, in which a trained technician will offer advice and information regarding a D.I.Y. repair procedure or they can call upon the services of on-location repairs department.

Having selected the second option leaves customers sitting comfortably in their homes and expecting no more than 1 hour, depending on their location respective to the nearest Cognition and Communication Devices for Everyone center and once the technicians arrive at their establishment, watch as the devices are being examined, repaired or even replaced if circumstances dictate.

If the purchased devices are in their warranty period, then customers will not be required to pay anything for the inspection, repairs or potential replacements that might be necessary for their items. During the many years that Cognition and Communication Devices for Everyone has been selling devices, there have been minimal incidents with regard to the optimal functionality of the commercialized items, and the staff wishes to maintain this situation the same for many years to come.